About Us

We’re All About the Service. Custom, high-quality drinks, creative names and sexy baristas make up our unique concept. Yet, our main focus is customer service. Our baristas are trained to engage with customers, while they create delicious drinks that are unique to the business. With a constant mind for improvement, the BUE team continues to find new ways to set us apart from the competition. An average day at BUE… Simply put, upbeat and exciting. We have a constant flow of new and returning customers, both for the amazing drinks and the beautiful atmosphere. This gives our baristas every opportunity to expand customer’s knowledge of our menu and merchandise. From the Beginning In early 2011, Bottoms Up Espresso opened its first location in Modesto, California. With the success in the changes made to a classic “bikini barista” model, we opened our second store within the first year. Business is booming, helping us expand to 6 locations across central California.