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How long has Bottoms Up Espresso been in business? 
Bottoms Up Espresso has been in business since 2011. We started offering franchises in 2015.

What is the initial total investment cost for my franchise? 
The estimated initial investment for a single unit BUE Franchise is between $106,100 and $245,300.

Does BUE provide any financing? 
Yes, we do. At our choice, based upon our sole discretion, BUE may offer to finance one- half of your Initial Fee. No other fees or costs are available for financing. The in-house financing option provides You with the option to finance one-half of your Initial Fee based upon your approved Protected Territory. There is no pre-payment penalty and no security requirements other than our Standard Personal Guaranty.

What is the initial Franchise Fee? 
The Initial Fee for a single unit BUE Franchise is $39,000.

Do you offer Area Development arrangements? 
Yes we do. If you should choose to open Multiple Units simultaneously then you will prepay Fifty percent (50%) of the Initial Fees for your additional units at the following discounts; Ten percent (10%) discount off of a 3 Pack, paying $39,000 for the first unit and then Fifty percent (50%) of $35,100 for each additional franchise unit; Fifteen percent (15%) discount off of a 5 Pack, paying $39,000 for the first unit and Fifty percent (50%) of $33,150 for each additional franchise unit; or Twenty percent (20%) discount off of a 7 Pack, paying $39,000 for the first unit and $31,200 for each additional franchise unit, at the time you sign the initial Franchise Agreement.

What is the term of the Franchise Agreement?
The initial term is for 10 years, with a successive option for an additional 10 years.

What is BUE Royalty Rate? 
BUE charges a declining Royalty Fee ranging from eight percent (8%) of Your Gross Sales, if Your Gross Sales are $41,666.00 or less for each month; or paying seven percent (7%) of Gross Sales per week, if Your Gross Sales are $41,667.00 or more for each month.

What location size must I establish? 
The location size for your BUE Franchise may vary and depends on whether or not the location is an existing space or a pre-fabricated space. The location must meet the Franchisor’s site selection criteria and be approved by BUE.

How can I find my location? 
We have a Real Estate team to work with you. Probably the most important thing that you can do when seeking a location for your business is to locate and use the services of a good and qualified Commercial Property Realtor. Our team will teach you to find a location, advise you, provide you with valuable information (local traffic counts and demographics) and help you to negotiate your lease. The best part is that they will not cost you a penny! However, we will train you on this and provide site selection criteria.

What about training? 
We teach you all the industry knowledge you need to know to establish your business. You will complete four levels of training, a pre-training text of approximately forty (40) hours; the initial training of one (1) week at corporate, which totals to eighty (80) hours of training. Then the soft opening and grand opening of two (2) weeks including grand opening support, which totals to another eighty (80) hours of training.

How do I get started? 
The first step is to fill out the Franchise Application Form online or enclosed with your packet. Upon receipt of the Franchise Application, and supporting documents, we will review and determine whether you are approved to receive our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) which outlines our agreement, company history and financials. Enclosed with the FDD is a Preliminary Agreement. By sending us the signed Preliminary Agreement, along with a $20,000 Preliminary Agreement Fee, which will go towards your Initial Fee, you engage us in the process of opening your business along with purchasing your territory. From there, the process to open your business is approximately 60-90 days for leased property and 90 – 120 days for build-out.

Upon executing the Preliminary Agreement, what are the next steps? 
The next steps in the planning process include: obtaining final financing, Business entity and License setup, Franchise Agreement execution, Site Selection, lease negotiations (if applicable), Initial comprehensive Training, Grand Opening planning, Grand Opening Training along with other steps to open your business. Don't worry - we walk you through it all.

What should I do when looking for a location to set up my BUE Franchise? When looking for a site for your BUE Franchising store, you should look at the following factors: •  Double curbs stemming from both sides of the drive-thru building. •  Large parking lot size in-between the drive-thru building and other business buildings within the parking lot. When looking at population densities, we recommend you look at the following in your area,( within a 3 mile area):
•  Heavy commuter traffic •  Close to highway and freeway entrances/exits
•  Close to retail generators (i.e. supermarkets, shopping plazas, etc.) 
•  Area growth of at least 1% for 5 consecutive years 
•  Along the routes of traffic flows 
•  Areas zoned for mixed beverage license (if applicable)

For information on opening a Bottoms Up Espresso location, please fill out the form below.

If you have any questions or if you’re interested in any of the following locations please email us at franchise@bottomsupespresso.com .     

Current Locations for sale:

Bottoms Up Espresso 1800 Prescott Rd, Modesto, CA 95350 
Bottoms Up Espresso 901 Yosemite Blvd, Modesto, CA 95354 
Bottoms Up Espresso 2355 W Grant Line Rd, Tracy, CA 95377 
Bottoms Up Espresso 15101 Maze Blvd, Vernalis, CA 95385 
Bottoms Up Espresso 691 W Shaw Ave, Clovis, CA 93612
Bottoms Up Espresso13011 Stockdale Hwy, Bakersfield, CA 93314

Ready to learn more about a low-cost, high-profitability opportunity?

We’re seeking the creative and enthusiastic, to join us on an exciting, bikini-filled voyage.  Hard work and inspired minds are a big part of what help us thrive, but we have some ideas on what else will make the most successful franchisees…

• Ready to own and operate a mind-blowing business.

• Willing to learn and be hands-on.

• Love people, and know what it takes to develop customer relations.

• Prepared to have fun, while establishing their own Bottoms Up Espresso!

We aren’t just looking for any franchisees, though. We’re looking for family. As part of our franchise family, we’ll hold to our promise of support and continual training, and you’ll have your voice heard! Contact us today to start your journey!

Gross Profit: 59-68%

Initial Investment: $106,100 - $245,300

Franchise Fee: $35,100 - $39,000

Royalty Fee: 6%

National Ad Fund: 2%

Minimum Liquid: $65,000

Minimum Net Worth: $150,000


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